Facilities, Amenities & Activities

Arrival and Departure

Check-in is at 2 PM, Check-out is at 10 AM.

. At check-out time (10 AM) please vacate your site and the campground, INCUDING THE BEACHES AND THE TRAILS, and place your pass in the box at the gatehouse as you leave the campground.

The Kelp Shed is open from 9AM – 10PM.  The reception desk is located here, along with a large room with a fireplace, pool table, video games and picnic tables.  On the south end of the Kelp Shed, facing Head Beach, is the Snack Bar.  It has seating either inside or on the deck.  Outside the Kelp Shed is an open area with ping pong tables and a volleyball net. 

The Store sells ice, firewood, lobsters, beer, wine, groceries, bait, and assorted camping supplies.WE NO LONGER ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS AT THE STORE. NOR DO WE ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS FOR OFF SEASON CAMPSITE PAYMENTS.   

The Gift Shop carries postcards, t-shirts, and other items to remind you of your visit

We do not accept credit cards.  An ATM is located at the store.

 FIRE & EMERGENCY SERVICES. The 911 emergency phone is located to the right of the Kelp shed entrance.The use of cell phones is nearly impossible. Emergency messages will be delivered and all others will be posted in the Kelp Shed.

We offer warm showers at no cost.  Potable water is available at spigots throughout the campground.  Each one is marked by a star on the map. Do not wash dishes at water spigots.

We have both flush toilets and dry vault toilets. 

Coin operated dryers are located behind the store, underneath the gift shop.  There are no washing machines, but there is a laundromat in Bath, about 14 miles away.

Rubbish is collected daily from centrally-located barrels. Please place REDEEMABLE RECYCLABLE cans in the blue barrels. THERE ARE NO TRASH BARRELS ON THE BEACHES! PLEASE CARRY OUT YOUR TRASH!

Each campsite has a loose rock fire pit [please do not move, burn trash or glass in it], picnic table, camping area and parking space for one vehicle.


In order to preserve the natural setting of the island and of each site, we allow only 1 car per campsite.. No overnight parking is allowed by the store and Kelp Shed areas or on Head Beach right-of-way We do not rent sites for car parking. Campsites are to be occupied by people. You may not park in a vacant campsite.  


Paddling – Many campers bring their own canoes and kayaks, but we also have canoes and rowboats available to rent. See Seaspray Kayak for more details on kayak rentals and tours. Sorry, we do not allow small outboard motors on rental rowboats.

Nature Walks – Our naturalist, Ronnie, puts out a weekly schedule of guided walks.

Hiking – Enjoy the natural beauty of the island.Remember, all our trails are rough and ungroomed.Please- NO BIKES ON THE TRAILS

Fishing – Bring your gear and fish off the shore or from one of the docks.  We sell bait at the store A salt water fishing license is now required. This needs to be done online or an application can be sent by mail. If you already are registered through another state for salt water fishing, you are legal to fish in Maine. The web site to register is through Maine Department of Marine Resources. The cost is $2, [subject to change]  Clam licenses are $20, [subject to change] for anyone over 16 to age 65.Under 16 and over 65 is free.


Swimming – Hermit Island has 6 sandy beaches. There are no lifeguards; swim at your own risk.

Biking – Many campers enjoy biking around the island on the many dirt roads.  Biking on the trails is not allowed.ALL CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 12 MUST WEAR A BIKE HELMET WHILE RIDING. We encourage everyone else to do the same.



The campground limit is 10MPH, please obey!


Fireworks or firearms

Radios[either on the campsite or at the beach] In order to preserve the natural character and quiet of the island, we ask you limit the use of audio devices(radios,cd players etc.) to headphones only.


Motorized pocket bikes, ATV's or jet skis

Motor cycles with loud modified mufflers

Cutting or defacing of trees

Campers decorating our bathrooms with graffiti


Campers need to arrive in time to set up by 9pm so as not to disturb others. If you cannot arrive by 9pm, please plan to arrive the next day.

Children under 18 must be at their campsite by 11pm. Minors may not stay at campsites without an adult.

People who want to see the campground for future camping while we are open. Please visit the campgound when we are closed from the day after Columbus Day to May 1st.